Published 20.04.2018
Clear the Clutter This Spring


Not only is decluttering one of the best ways to go about preparing for spring, it’s also a proactive task when selling up and moving house. Here at Coleman Estates, we understand that the day to day workings of family life mean most homes will never be showroom ready, which is why we have drawn on our expertise to bring you our top 3 tips for decluttering your house in under one hour.


Sweep the Surfaces

Clearing away the clutter from your kitchen worktops, dining table and desks will really help to open up rooms and make them feel fresh. Some items, like kettles and pen pots, are used daily and have earned their pride of place in full view. But if the electric mixer hasn’t been used since watching the last season of the Great British Bake Off, it might be worth finding it a new home in the cupboard.

One Space at a Time

Remember that decluttering doesn’t have to happen at once. A cupboard a day keeps the clutter away, and makes the task easier to fit in around our busy schedules. For each space, decide what you want to keep and then place anything you are undecided about in a storage box. Not only will this organise your spaces, but when it’s time to move house, you will know for certain whether you really want to keep those undecided items.



Play a Game

As Mary Poppins once said, “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun”. Challenge your family members to a clutter-clearing contest and see who can fill a bag of unwanted, broken or unused items in under one hour. The prize can be anything from deciding what’s for dinner to choosing where to go on a day out, but the real reward will be the reduced stress levels involved when packing up your possessions ready to move.

Dealing with the possessions we have gathered over our lifetimes is unavoidable when moving house and can be a daunting thought. But, by following our simple and quick tips for decluttering, this can be both a therapeutic, easy and fun task. The results will also allow buyers to see the true potential of your house and make the most of our professional photography service provided with both of our packages. So fast track your fresh start now and reap the benefits of clearing away the clutter.


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