Published 18.01.2018
Coleman Estates Featured in In and Around Magazine

Just in case you’re out of the circulation area for In and Around, our first article back in this fantastic magazine is reproduced below!

Firstly, after such a lengthy hiatus from ‘In and Around’, it would probably be best to reintroduce ourselves! I have been working in my family’s business since I was 14 first helping dad put up boards on Saturdays (for no pay, no less!) I rejoined the family firm on a full time basis at the beginning of 2008 after completing my work experience at Foxton’s in Fulham, London to get a different perspective of the industry. Some may find this hard to believe but I did not spend my childhood growing up and thinking ‘I would love to become an estate agent when I’m older!’ however, after spending much of my late teens working summers in the office and after my experience with Foxtons, I realised I had grown to love the industry and helping people move. Moving back to Shropshire turned out to be the best decision I ever made;  I met my future wife the same month I moved back, became Managing Director after my parents retirement in 2015 and now myself and Kate are equal partners running a successful and enjoyable business together. In my spare time I like to strike up a delicate balance of eating out regularly followed by attempting to work it all off in the gym!

Which brings me to Kate – since joining our company in 2011 (and having to pass interview with Mum in front of the whole office!) Kate has flourished and was made Director in 2013, rising to equal partner shortly after my parent’s retirement. Kate has overseen the continued growth and success of our letting department, achieving more lets than any other agent in Telford in some of her years in charge. In her spare time, Kate likes to ride horses, talk about horses and make future plans revolving around horses.

According to a recent survey, Estate Agents ranked only above politicians in terms of trustworthiness – ouch. This brings me on to what really sets us apart as company;  the lost art of customer service! How many times have we spoken to someone on the phone who couldn’t sound less interested in what you were asking them? How many times have we battled for eye contact with a sullen cashier more interested in checking who’s swiped left rather than making basic conversation or dare I say it, returning a friendly smile?!

We have been househunting ourselves recently which has really hammered home the importance of service from a customer’s point of view;  as an agent, we may oversee hundreds of transactions per year as an agent but our customer (who on average will move only 8 times in their lifetime) is either stressed, excited,  scared, worried, nervous or all of the above. In short, they will be fraught with emotion – At Coleman Estates, our promise to you is that we will take the time to listen to you, as a vendor, buyer, landlord or tenant;  we will make sure that we don’t just help you with what you need but will get to the bottom of what you really want! That to me, is the essence of the customer service that truly sets us aside from our competition. Add the fact that we are highly accredited as members of the NAEA, ARLA, Safeagent and NALs and you can be assured that you will be in safe hands with us!

Over the upcoming issues, I look forward to talking to you about the property market in Shropshire, Telford and the UK in general as well as news from our office in Wellington. Thank you for reading.

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