Published 18.01.2018
Second Feature in In and Around Magazine

Just in case you’re out of the circulation area for In and Around, our second article back in this fantastic magazine is reproduced below!

Hello again from Wellington!

Last month, we reintroduced myself and Kate after deciding to rejoin ‘In and around magazine’ – this month I wanted to focus a bit more on our company in general!

So what sort of company is Coleman Estates? It’s quite a difficult question to answer on the face of things; We’re a small family run business but our performance for both sales and lettings isn’t far off of the ‘big agents’ – Over the last year, I’m proud to say  that:

Our sales department ranked 4th out of 20 local agents agreeing sales on over 100 properties

Our lettings department ranked 3rd agreeing over 140 lets in the last year.


To me, that’s like sitting in the top four at the premier league – healthy respect for our competition, a desire to push for more and recognition as a major player in our own right.


So we’re just about volume and selling and letting as many houses as possible? No! The thing about being a manager and dragging your club out of the relegation zone (or recession in our case) is that you never really pause to take stock of what you’ve achieved and rest on your laurels, you constantly look towards the next match, the next season and a constant desire to improve – this is where our dedication to customer service comes into play.


Our most recent landlord survey returned a response of 100% customer satisfaction and our sales department recently enjoyed double figures of beaming testimonials from happy customers; It’s this level of service that has helped us grow as a company and will hopefully keep us top of the league for years to come (ok enough with the clichéd football analogy already.)


We’ve had recent addition to our office in the last month which we’re all thrilled about! Ready to work from the moment the clock strikes 9, in the office before any member of staff and permanently singing – I’m talking of course about our new DAB Radio!


After sitting in a headache inducing cacophony of clicking keyboards, stapling and the odd bit of inane chatter for eight years, I finally decided to introduce a bit of music to the office – staff morale is up and sales have tripled* since the introduction of this wonderful bit of kit. The only issue is choosing what to listen to – Whilst I love listening to Jeremy Vine on Radio 2 because I am a 45 year old in a 31 year old’s body, our lettings negotiator would rather listen to Drake or Skepta  *shudder*. This eventually brings me on to my point – Personal taste! Just like music, one person will walk into a house and see their dream home, another will barely be able to stifle their grimace until they make it back to their car. My advice would be to keep it simple and keep it neutral and appeal to the broadest market possible – repaint the beloved lime green kitchen, maybe put the ‘artistic’ modelling shoot canvases in the attic and get people imagining themselves living in your home rather than feeling like a guest for 20 minutes!

In summation, we sell and let lots of houses, we look after our customers and we can offer pragmatic and down to earth advice on selling or letting your home – see you next month.

*this is not true.

Max Coleman – BA (Hons) MNAEA
Managing Director

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